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Two performances this weekend (March 19-20, 2010) that seemed worthy creative endeavors.

The first was at Mo’olelo on Friday night, March 19th.  This was an amazing performance written and performed by Robert Farid Karimi with "live soundscapes" by DJ D Double.  It was full of great energy, dancing, and story telling.  It was basically the poetic story of Robert’s life as a Guatemalan/Iranian in the US.  The battles of growing up as a mixed heritage boy in the US.  The DJ was also remarkable, complementing the story with music. Glad I saw it.  It reminded me of "Passing Strange" by Stew  who told his story in a musical, of sorts, about his emerging identity as a young black male coming to grips with his heritage.  This was a remarkable performance that I saw three times in NY.

The second performance of the weekend, Sat. March 20th, was at Sushi.  This was "Symmetry Study #14" by Jess Curtis and Maria Francesca Scaroni.  I knew in advance that much of the dance performance would be performed nude.  Now, mind you, I have no objection to that, but was wondering if it would be gratuitous nudity or not.  It was not.  These lovely human forms (especially hers) moved beautifully together in various shapes.  It was quiet, for the most part, and all in the audience were mesmerized.  Admittedly, I realized once again that I never ever looked like that.  Oh well.  I am glad it wasn’t longer but am glad I experienced their work.