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BAM Harvey Theater.  Nice that they have kept the decay.  Gorgeous.

BAM Harvey Theater. Nice that they have kept the decay. Gorgeous.

Very different than what I have seen before. First the floor was squishy. I’m sure there’s a more professional description but as the dancers stepped the sunk up to their ankles and since there were many falling bodies there was also the bounce factor which must have been taken into account in timing everything. I noticed the lighter weight girls bounced a bit more than the boys. Speaking of bodies, they were all really similar, almost the same. All were Very Thin - the boys with rib cages prominent and the girls, not an ounce of jiggle. The costumes were simple and effective: boys shirtless with grey tights, girls in grey varying tank tops and tights. The backdrop was like a sheer grey cliff, and the squishy floor, depending on the lighting was like sand, sometimes wrinkled. That all sounds odd but it was beautiful-odd. The floor allowed both for both new choreography but seemed limiting as well. The dancers could leap and fall and they could run, but it must have been rather unstable as well. Hence, much done with arms and bodily gestures. The lighting was gorgeous and a definite addition. The music by Henryk Gorecki and Biosphere was a big plus. The ending was lovely. All stood very still while snow fell. The review in the NYTimes was not good.