Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Crossovers » Philippe Manoury, en echo

Space 4 Art
325 15th between J and K
San Diego
$15.00 and $10.00 students
Parking is easy - on the street and at $3.00 parking lots very nearby.

Miller Puckette, live electronics;
Juliana Snapper, soprano;
Philippe Manoury, composer

En Echo is a duo which blends electronics and acoustic voice, performed by Miller Puckett, creator of MaxMSP and PD (Pure Data), and soprano Juliana Snapper.

En echo is a succulent extravaganza of computer-generated sounds interacting with the purity of a solo soprano."
-Keith Potter, The Independent (London)

These settings of seven short poems by Emmanuel Hocquart, for soprano and live electronics, share a central concern but present seven highly individual excursions, both textually and musically. This diversity is balanced by a rich network of cross-references, both on the surface and underneath. The sonic world of the piece reflects Manoury's longtime interest in using live electronics as an extension of live instruments. En écho marks the culmination of Manoury's eight-year period of research at IRCAM in collaboration with Puckette, during which they worked out techniques for synchronizing electronic music with live performers, and for using the sonic quality of the instrument (in this case Snapper's voice) to control selected aspects of the overall sonority of the electronic part.