Tuesday, April 6th, 2010


Sushi Contemporary Performing and Visual Arts
390 Eleventh Ave. (at J St), San Diego, CA 92101
Reservations: 619-235-8466
$15.00 / $10.00 students
8PM - Map

Arriving from New York with the very latest creations from the sonic design studio of Wollesonic Laboratories, cracker jack drummer Kenny Wollesen joins up with San Diego's own DIY (do it yourself) marching band. Bombshell headed by Sean Conway for a night of kaleidophonic experiment and play. This first time meeting of these east coast/west coast sonic explorers promises to be full of soniferous surprises...not to mention purring sleep grinders, balloon bassoon wails and Duchampian gamelans played by New York and San Diego’s finest!

Kenny Wollesen

A ubiquitous presence on the New York downtown scene, drummer Kenny Wollesen's latest projects included composing and designing an all-percussion score for Teller's (of Penn & Teller) stage production of Macbeth, building a bicycle-powered wind wand machine, playing bass drum with the marching band Himalayas, playing vibes in John Zorn's Dreamers, playing drums with Sexmob, Love Trio, and Bill Frisell, and delivering free sonic massages with one-of-kind Wollesonic Laboratory instruments to New Yorkers every tuesday evening.



BOMBSHELL is a new project stemming out of the underground marching/street band culture in the USA. Bombshell is a DIY band, inviting and encouraging anyone who wants to join, creating a critical mass of people playing rhythms and textures on homemade instruments, getting out on the street, creating a variety of sonic situations.