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The fourth and last of the Stravinsky/Beethoven series for me. This concert consisted of Stravinsky’s “Symphony in C” (1938-40) and Beethoven’s “Piano Concert No. 4 in G major, Op. 58 (1804-06). These were both gorgeous. The pianist, Nelson Freire, was amazing and he received bravos galore. I mistakenly left right after the concert and was told later that he performed two encores amidst lavish adulation. I guess I am still a little skittish after being pick-pocketed on the subway. I have given myself permission to catch a cab for late night rides home. Things I notice: only one black member of the orchestra, a cellist; one woman bassist; I don’t often see that. The rest were the traditional bunch - women flutists, mixed violins, male percussionist, like that. The program says “The Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra . . . is the only orchestra in the U.S. dedicated to the music of the Classical period.” Can that be true?