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Tristan Shone and Will Michaelsen

Tristan Shone and Will Michaelsen

May 12, 2012
Curated by Tristan Shone

Electronic (dj) musicians performed throughout the night at the casual artist’s warehouse space in Little Italy. Tristan Shone curated the show and while I really liked what I heard, I only stayed for 2 of the performances. I hate to think I don’t fit in with 20-30 year olds but, hey, there’s a limit and I don’t even drink (anymore). So while I loved seeing my friends there and meeting some new young musicians, the time came to hit the road. I did love the music I heard. I really only could hear well the set by Michael Trigilio and thought it great. I will continue to go to these events as I want to hear all the new stuff they are creating. Hope they don’t mind.

Michael Trigilio
CUT MOD (Will Michaelsen)
DJ ILL Spectre (Derek Emery,
gEars (Scott Caligure)
Jason Begin (Vytear)
Marilia Maschion - for Derek Emery's Set
Speakers: EtherAudio Soundsystem

Best to let Tristan talk about the evening and his ideas:
“I wanted to have a nice broad spectrum of live electronics to full on dance, but on the experimental side. We never really want people just standing and watching, we want them to be ruckus and involved. DJ ILL Spectre and CUT MOD did more of your standard DJ set, but with really nice cutting edge dance beats and very bass heavy.  gEars and Jason Begin either worked together or on their own with all live hardware electronics (ok, maybe 1 laptop for sample), creating beats and rhythms and working the crowd live. They are planning on keeping this line up for at least two more shows this summer: one at Periscope Project in late July and one more at West Ivy Warehouse.  I always want it to be free, free, free and really bass heavy and loud, which is what everyone needs in San Diego.”