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Matt Marks

Matt Marks

June 19

The Stone

Matt Marks - Shame Remixes

This was fun. The music Mark selected and scored were based on tunes that he loves in a shameful way.  (We all have guitly pleasures.  Mine tend toward James Taylor and Sting). This included coming to terms with liking music from Disney films. The top notch performers were Kathy Supove, piano; James Moore, banjo; Kelli Kathman, alto flute; Andie Springer, violin.  First was James Moore performing a remix of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” with an accompanying track of her her her.  Then a remix of wonderful Blue Gene Tyranny’s “Sunrise, Outside.”  Kathy then played a bunch of Disney remixes: Legs are Required (Little Mermaid), Indescribable Feeling (Aladdin) and Ever Just As Sure (Beauty and the Beast) followed by a more grown-up remix of Debussy.  The rest of the night included “No Need to Ask” by Kathman on flute which was a remix of “Smooth Operator” and Andie Springer, violin, voice and track, playing music from Dirty Dancing causing us older audience members to smile in acknowledgement and recognition.