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While Christian Wolff is most famous as a composer, here is the second disc of improvised music he published this year - after a memorable duet with Keith Rowe. Always at the piano, Christian Wolff is accompanied in this trio (which is still several years) by two musicians also composers: Kui Dong and Larry Polansky piano to guitar and mandolin.

An instrumental rather original two pianos and guitars, formation of plucked and beaten. But also an original aesthetic that is not from that of the instrumentation. Because during these five improvisations, we can constantly feel the influence of music written and scholarly. The three musicians do not focus so much on stamps or interaction, it is not strictly speaking interactive improvisation. The interest of these improvisations rather lies in the management and balance of tensions (atonal and arrhythmic) and relaxation (or modal harmonic and rhythmic). Management learned of the opposition combined with a permanent sensitivity to different dynamics. It should be noted also the sensitivity and virtuosity of each musician plays his instrument with precision, finesse and subtlety. Precision and finesse as to the instrument than to the trio itself and the sound space addressed during these improvisations.

That said, it is still five improvisations that can not necessarily always hold my attention or my interest, but have the merit of being original and adopt a singular aesthetic and instrumental. To listen with curiosity.