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Welcome to the San Diego Zoo

Welcome to the San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo July 13, 2013

First day of my new venture

I was tired of being bored in San Diego so I decided to explore the parts that I have known and loved for many years.  I was born here and now will now re-explore from a more grown-up perspective.  I am going to visit the San Diego Zoo 3 -4 days a week.   My plan is to walk through every nook and cranny, taking a different route each day and checking out all the creatures along the way.  It’s a huge place (over 100 acres).  It opened in 1915 (4 years after my dad was born here).  When I was a child my mother took me to the Zoo every Sunday and I took my kids there too, though not so often. I’m going to try to find some of those really old photos.   It’s now really interesting for me to see what’s still there unchanged and how much has been built and/or transformed over the decades. I have been told that their botanical collection is as big and important as the zoological collection and here’s some stuff from Wikipedia:

Me at age 3 visiting the elephants with my cousins-- I'm in the middle.

Today I was there for about an hour, walking around the south eastern portion, taking photos along the way.  The map says I was in the Outback, Africa Rocks and Elephant Odyssey.  Then I took the Skyfari back to the Entrance.  After that I walked over to the main part of Balboa Park where all the museums are.  I became a member of the SD Museum of Art and will re-explore that part of Balboa Park after my zoo ventures.

I am going to post photos (too many at first) in the gallery below this section.  Some have comments and more information available if you click on them. The last time I posted in my So Forth blog was one year ago.   I may (or may not) begin to post about concerts but for now -- The Zoo.  I hope that my postings become better as I learn more.  But, in the meantime, hope you enjoy visiting the zoo with me.