Fall 2013 Season » Fall Season 2013

This season’s concerts originally meant to focus on solo performances by three brilliant contemporary classical performers: Eric Byers, cello (Los Angeles, Calder String Quartet)  and electronics; Ian David Rosenbaum, solo percussion (New York, Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society and Le Train Bleu), and Evan Ziporyn, clarinet (MIT in MA., Bang on a Can All Stars for 25 years).  And then KONK PACK trio (England and Germany)  let us know they will be on a rare tour of America and we couldn't miss that opportunity to have them here.  We loved them when they performed at Spruce Street Forum in October, 2001. 

Big News: We are moving Fresh Sound to Bread & Salt (1955 Julian Ave. San Diego, CA 92113), an exciting new venue for the arts. It was the Weber Bread Factory way back when and Jim Brown, architect, is now creating a great space for the arts. He says:

"Bread & Salt is a nexus of artists, community leaders, activists, established arts organizations, and community members. We are creating an artist community, where artists both live, show, and work. Taking an abandoned but serviceable 40,000 square foot warehouse and transforming it into an active mixed use building with community galleries, event spaces, artist live/work units, offices and a neighborhood café will build on the incipient artist generated businesses in the area by creating a place to show work, a place to meet for coffee or to view new and provocative art – or to view community based exhibits of cultural interest. Good ideas do not stand alone, and our project will bolster, support, and celebrate artistic thought and entrepreneurship."