Fall 2012 Season » Crossovers

The Fresh Sound music series, which began in 1995, has always focused on bringing excellent, and, not surprisingly, fresh new music to San Diegans which they might not get to hear otherwise. This Fall Season continues with this mission. The past few seasons we have focused on one theme at a time, for instance, percussion, reeds, voice/electronics. This series we decided to cover the whole gamut of music we feature: Electronic, Experimental, Contemporary Classical, Improvised. Fresh Sound wants to show how they cross over, breaking down the barriers between them. Good music is good music, right? Why continue to squish them into categories?

The first concert will be with four brilliant computer musicians from the West Coast and Switzerland, the second with two amazing improvisors from NYC. Third is a concert composed by an award winning French composer, Philipp Manoury, blending electronics and acoustic voice, performed by Miller Puckett, creator of MaxMSP and PD (Pure Data), and soprano Juliana Snapper. Fourth is virtuosic trio who combines improvised, composed and electronic music.

Ticket Information

Please contact Bonnie Wright via email or phone 619-987-6214

About Space 4 Art

Fresh Sound and Space 4 Art’s missions are very similar: both organizations want to bring new, experimental and exciting art to the community. Space 4 Art is a thriving volunteer-designed and built arts community, which provides affordable work/live studios for San Diego’s finest artists, designers and craftspeople. The facility spans three repurposed warehouses and contains galleries, a classroom, art-making facilities, and performance areas. Their current focus is to work with local expert curators from a variety of disciplines to present a series of high quality arts programming.

325 15th St. between J and K Parking is easy: on the street and nearby $3.00 parking lots are located on Island between 14th and 15th and on K St. @ 14th. The big Padres parking lot is at K @ 13th.