Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Illuminating » Margaret Noble and Susan Narucki

Sushi Contemporary Performing and Visual Arts
390 Eleventh Ave. (at J St), San Diego, CA 92101
Reservations: 619-235-8466
$15.00 / $10.00 students
8PM - Map

Margaret Noble, electronics

Using a variety of acoustic instruments, analogue synthesizers, and voice, this multi- channel performance will push against tensions facing the solo performer in the electro-acoustic genre. Most notably challenging for this project are the dualities of prepared vs. improvised, pop vs. experimental, and acoustic vs. electronic. The experience of a music performance is ideally interactive in feel between audience and performer. The tensions used in this work are designed to bring forward a new sound experience that is challenging and yet still accessible.

Susan Narucki, soprano

Narucki calls her set "Bending the Voice” - it explores the edges between speaking and singing, bending narratives, and the perception of time. The set includes works by John Cage, a piece for voice/electronics and an experimental work about narrative that Narucki is creating.